Just an intro

Hi guys, this is me Uma Priya.S, Nutritionist with M. SC, M. Phil in Food and nutrition. NutriDietary blog is all about the nutrition/dietary tips to keep you fit and healthy.

To remain fit and healthy all that you have to do is to eat right and get proper nutrition. By choosing right kind of food you can even change your life. You are what you eat. Your body works according to the food that you eat.


To make your body work properly all you need is proper food and nutrition. In this blog, I am gonna share you the ways to choose the right kind of food. I will also be discussing about the dietary tips for weight loss, weight maintenance and weight gain.

Through medications you can only treat the disease condition but whereas through proper diet you can prevent getting the disease. In this blog you can find out the medicinal properties and importance of various food and also it’s role in treating various disease conditions like diabetes, hypertension,etc.

Diet is not only for weight gain/loss or for person with medical conditions but also it has far more benefits. To get a fair and glowing skin, prevent hair fall, for nail growth, etc all you need is to have proper nutrition. Beauty doesn’t lies only in cosmetics but also in nutrition. Here in this blog you can find beauty diet too.

Why wait!!! Join with me to know the dietary tips to be fit, healthy, remain free from diseases and finally to look good. Follow me to get all my posts. And also don’t forget to leave your comments.

Engage all your Saturdays to read my post. My posts are definitely not going to be boring long stories. I make sure to keep you interesting and informative.

Before knowing the dietary tips, it is important to know about the food, it’s group and nutrients. So my next post is gonna be on this topic. Do you have any idea of how your food plate has to be?????? Wait until next Saturday to know the answer….

Eat healthy to live healthy!!!!!

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